Swagging your Apple products


Bungie Error Theme


Here’s a new and interesting Bungie theme for you. It’s adapted from Bungie’s error page when you can’t find a certain user as shown in this themes header. It’s pretty cool but it’s not the best that I’ve done. Enjoy!

warnTwitterTwitter Header


iPhone Wallpaper


iPad Wallpaper

warnMaciMac Wallpaper

WarnTWallTwitter Wallpaper


Happy Holidays bumper pack!


It’s November and Christmas, the Holidays, are almost here! I know a lot of people try not to think about how quickly it comes by every year, however for those of you that are just excited as I am will be pleased with what I’ve created for you this season. If I don’t post anything before 2014 have a great December and New Years!

HappyHolidaysTwitterTwitter Header

HappyHolidaysPhoneiPhone Wallpaper

HappyHolidaysiPadiPad Wallpaper

HappyHolidaysiMaciMac Wallpaper

HappyHolidaysTWallTwitter Wallpaper

The Beta, it’s Super Awesome


I’m sure all you Halo and Bungie fans remember the last time there was a beta! Gear up for it early this year and shower as many devices as you can with this Destiny beta pack!


Twitter Header


iPhone Wallpaper

BetaPadiPad Wallpaper


iMac Wallpaper

Halo 3 iPhone Wallpapers


Halo 3 was free to download for every Xbox 360 user last week by Microsoft. The online population on the game it’s self has been at an all time high in recent years (from what I’ve seen) and so I thought that maybe it’s a good time for you to spice up your iPhone with some old friendly colours!

Old Bungie coloured iOS7 iPhone Wallpapers


I flicked back to halo.bungie.net today just to look at the old site and it gave me so many memories – usernames, avatars, the site theme and the colours just came flooding back. To keep the those legendary colours going a little longer here a few new wallpapers for your iPhone!