Swagging your Apple products


Hello there. Firstly thanks for dropping by. Right now you’re probably thinking what the hell is all this ‘ibungie’ stuff about? So I’ve written a short FAQ for you all!

What is iBungie.net?

iBungie.net is a site where you can easily access loads of great wallpapers for most of your Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and iMacs ect. You can also download a selection of Destiny soundtracks, pick a new Twitter Header or grab a cool avatar.

Why don’t you post these on insidedestiny.net?

After it hit its first birthday I realised that the Destiny community didn’t really read the interviews that I did or checked out the links and adverts that I created that much. Instead I’d say that at least 90% of my traffic wanted and were looking for iPhone wallpapers and Twitter Headers. I thought it would be best to spend my (little) free time productively – so I’ve shut down insidedestiny.net for now and will continue to create Artwork here on http://www.ibungie.net.

Why are wallpapers split between iOS7 and iOS6?

The wallpapers for iPhones and iPads have been split due to the App grid movement and new design in iOS7. You can now easily choose from iOS6 ones where many wallpapers still hold the old app grid or from iOS7 which uses colour gradients at the bottom of your screen.

Swagging your Apple products..?

Swag is pretty much the term used by bungie for ‘free loot’. As this site gives the community so much free stuff I thought sticking in ‘swag’ in the motto would give visitors a Bungie vibe and make it seem like the site is a gold mine for Destiny and Bungie fans – which it is by the way!

Who creates all this Artwork?

All the artwork on this site has been edited by me, most of the images are used from ViDocs and bungie.net. This site won’t ever post other peoples work.


Like iBungie.net?

Then why not check out these other sites and blogs that I run in my ‘free’ time!


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